Search Information

Searches will return records having terms in any field that match the entered text.  Search queries may be further controlled using these features:
  • The asterisk ("*") character may be used to match any sequence of characters in the beginning or middle of a word. For example, searching on *hofer will return records with words that end with "hofer", such as "Zehenthofer" or "Maierhofer". 
  • Quotes may be used to perform phrase searches. For example, the search "methodische richtlinien" will return only records with the phrase "methodische richtlinien". The same search without quotes will return entries that have the two words anywhere in the text, even if they are separated.
  • Terms may be combined using "and" and "or". When and'ing terms, results will include all terms. When or'ing terms records with any term will be returned. If multiple terms are specified without and's/or's between them "and" is assumed. For example, burgenland and biologie will find only records with both "burgenland" and "biologie" in a field. burgenland biologie is equivalent, as "and" is assumed. burgenland or biologie will find records with either "burgenland" or "biologie" (or both).